Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back in the Land of the Living!

Back in the Land of the Living! And, so eternally grateful to be able to write that!
Still not 100% as yet, but I am getting there. : ) I need to say a big 'Thank you' to my neighbors, Nick and Fern, and to my daughter, Jen, my sister, Debbie, and especially, to my husband, Albert. My sweet neighbor and good dear friend, Fern, was so supportive all during my illness and with the diabetes diagnosis. Her husband, Nick, made a huge pot of special homemade chicken soup for us and I know that Nick's chicken soup was a big part of my recovery from what Jen and I are calling 'the black death'. My sister, Debbie, called often to see how I was doing, even though I wasn't able to talk to her and Albert updated her. Thank you, my sister! And, my sweet Jen. Jen called often to check me and did a bunch of onlline research and came up with lots of diabetic recipes for me. I love you all. As for my husband, Albert: He literally saved my life. He realized I had to get over to the urgent care place and he got me there and stayed right with me every minute. He helped me to the bathroom and back here at home countless times because I was so wonky headed due to the fever, etc. He went out time after time to get whatever food, etc. I felt like having and felt I could have with the diabetes and all. He is truly my knight in shining armor. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, my husband and life partner.
Love and hugs to all. Stay well if you can, and if you get this horrible bug from hell, get to your doctor or to an urgent care place as quickly as you can. Especially if you have an underlying condition.


Mattydolls said...

Glad you're feeling better Cindy!
Lots of hugs,

Mary Ann said...

I'm very glad to hear that you are better.