Monday, April 2, 2012

Wonderful Day AND Thirty-THREE pounds GONE!

Yes, indeed! I broke through that plateau! See me dancin'? (BTW, I love to dance, but hubby doesn't want to. : ( ). I had to cut my food/drink intake a bit more to do it, but I did it. : ) Soon I'll have 40 gone. That is going to be a huge achievement.
I got thru the bloodwork okay earlier and I really hope my numbers are doing great.
It's a great day today. I bought a copy of 'Simple Abundance' and started reading it. I read some of it years ago and just feel like I want to get into it again.
The Hollow is absolutely GORGEOUS today.


creativedawn said...

Oh CONGRATULATIONS! Great work, Cindi....

big hugz

Fran said...

CONGRATS on the weight lost. Proud of you. I'm in weight Watchers and I've been bad yoyoing up and down for months. The past week I have been very serious about loosing weight now. I'm sticking to the diet. I lost 3 lbs this week and have at least 30 more to loose. CONNGRATS again for loosing all that weight. That is FANTASTIC!