Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another bit of info about the weight loss stuff I'm doing

Hey there,
Okay, number one, I drink A LOT of water all day, every day.
Second bit of info about what I'm doing: I eat breakfast right after I get up. I never used to do that. I would always have a cup of coffee first and eventually get around to breakfast.
Those days are gone for good. Now I eat breakfast and take my meds first thing. Breakfast is one serving (about 3/4 cup, maybe a wee bit more) of a cereal made by 'Barbara's'. The cereal is called Shredded Spoonfuls-Multigrain. I have a bit of regular Half and Half coffee cream on it, believe it or not, or a bit of milk. And, when I say 'a bit' here, I mean just enough to moisten the cereal.
I also have three apple slices. I get the pre-prepared ones by Chiquita. They are near the produce section in the grocery store and they come in a plastic bag.
THEN, I make my coffee. I use sweetener in it, half and half coffee creamer and 'a bit' of sugar, again believe it or not. By 'a bit' here I mean 1 to 2 scant teaspoons. I had to start doing that because my blood sugar kept dipping too low as a result of taking the Metformin and of restricting what I'm eating. So, now I allow myself to have a bit of sugar in my coffee.
I should post some sort of disclaimer here. I'm telling all of you what I have been doing to lose the weight and fight the diabetes. The things I'm doing may very well NOT be right for others. I truly don't know.
I just know it's working for me.
Another thing I'm doing or, rather, NOT doing. I do not go out to eat now. Well, actually, I DO get a cup of coffee from McDonald's here and there, but I bring it home and put my sweetener and cream and stuff in it here.
I used to go out to eat and get carry out and fast food type stuff all the time, especially since we haven't had a functioning kitchen for the past year.
Not anymore. It's mainly because I'm not sure what would be in the food I would be getting, as far as hidden sugars and hidden fats and that type of thing goes. Diabetics really need to watch that.
Plus, I honestly don't want to face the temptations that would be all around me. Also, if you want a real eye-opener about fast food and restaurant food and what is in the various menu items (even the things you THINK are better for you), look up their nutrition information online. You will be absolutely shocked by the amount of sugars, carbohydrates, and fats that are in just about everything offered in fast food places and in many restaurants. Forget it. Eating that way is what landed me in this boat. (my personal opinion).
I'm sure I will go out to a restaurant or whatever at some point, but when I do, I'm going to be VERY careful about it.
Oh, also, I don't drink alcohol. I've never been big on it so that one wasn't too hard.
Love to all,
Cindy who is 31 pounds lighter than she was and loving it!


OOAKFairyland said...

I'm so proud of you, Cindy.

Sending you my love,

Enchanted Hollow Designs said...

Thank you so much, my friend. Email me when you can, okay?

Mary Ann said...

I agree about the fast food. I think that's what got my brother into trouble too. He was always eating out or ordering in because he's a single guy and couldn't be bothered to cook for himself.