Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Cleaning--Going through lots of stuff, etc.

Working hard here at the Enchanted Hollow. Spring cleaning is in full force! Keep watching my ebay listings because I am weeding out a lot of cool stuff!!
In other Enchanted Hollow news: The weather people said it's supposed to rain today but the sun comes out periodically and, overall, it's a beautiful day here. Who can figure the weather people out?
My cat children, Maggie and Chrissy, were meandering around, making sure
that our other cat boy, Tiger, isn't lurking somewhere. Tiger adopted us
when we were living in our interim apartment (between houses), but he
refuses to adapt to Maggie and Chrissy so we keep him separated from them.
We 'rotate' them. When it's Tiger's 'turn' to have the run of the house,
Maggie and Chrissy stay in my bedroom. When it's Chrissy and Maggie's turn,
Tiger stays in Albert's bedroom. And, you know, it works well. No one gets
hurt or killed. Chrissy and Maggie are very amiable, but Tiger will go
after them and his intentions don't seem playful. Tiger is so affectionate
with us, though. Except when he gets what my daughter calls "bitey". Then,
it's best for him to have some alone time. : )
Right now, Maggie and Chrissy are having their afternoon naps in their respective favorite spots on our sectional sofa here in the living room. I think the 'meandering' tired them out!
Albert is SUPPOSED to work on our still unfinished kitchen today. I am
going to be so happy when it gets done.
I'm trying to figure out what creative 'something' to work on. I think I'm going to start on a doll that is going to be a surprise present for a friend. The 'choosing which doll to make' is a LOT of fun!
I don't know if I've told my bloggie friends how much I love Al Green's music, especially the song, 'Let's Stay Together'. I'm mentioning it because it's playing right now. Yes, I'm definitely an early '70's girl. : ) It seems like the older I get, the more nostalgic I get for the 'old days'. : )

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