Monday, May 21, 2012

Working on some new things

Yes, indeed I am! I've started a new series of kind of 'artsy' little dolls. I hope to have pics of the first one within the next couple of days. I am also beginning to study the energy of crystals and I am working on my own spirituality as it relates to everything around me. It is very empowering and enlightening and I am enjoying it a lot. Still working on the job stuff and I am also looking into the possibility of financial aid to get some schooling. I am continuing my weight loss and my healthy eating, water drinking, etc., but I had to back way up on the exercise/movement stuff because I've severely strained at least several muscles. Ouchey! One step forward, two steps back as they say.


Sandy Michelle said...

Hi Cindy, I read your past posts and it seems you are going through many changes. I am so glad you are off the Diabetes meds and that you lost so much weight! You must be so proud! I'm sorry to hear about the muscle strains but I hope it won't cause you to give up. As for your Husband; you deserve the best so I only hope that in the end - the results will work out for your best interests. Hang in there brave girl!

Sandy xox

Enchanted Hollow Designs said...

Hey there, girl! I hope all is well with you and your family.
Yes, lots of changes.
No, I'm still taking my diabetes medicine. I had talked my dr. into letting me cut down to one tablet a day instead of two, right before Albert let me know about the separation business. : ( So, I bumped right back up to the two tabs per day as stress can make one's blood sugar go up. I'm still doing really well with the meds, the weight loss, etc. Yay me!!
Re: the muscle strains: no, no giving up, just backing up a bit to go forward. : )
And, yes, I am absolutely certain that the end results of this stuff with the hubs will be exactly what they are supposed to be. : )
Big hugs, my friend,